Staex Use Case
Connectivity for Interlogistic Autonomous Mobile Robots
Companies that deploy hardware on their customers' factories and warehouses struggle with bridging between different connectivity solutions.

Due to the limitations and complexity of networking inside these industrial spaces, companies need to make sure they always have secure, low-latency, and two-way connectivity to their devices.

A more concrete example: a mobile autonomous robotics company needs two-way connectivity to their robots which are deployed inside their customers' factories. Given the security and topology limitations of the factories' networks, they are unable to achieve a reliable, low-latency connection to their devices.
Our Solution
Never lose control of your robots.
Staex is a seamless, secure and fast connectivity bridge without VPN. With Staex, you can even achieve results that were previously impossible with a traditional VPN.

Staex allows to abstract the network complexity, dealing with it transparently and removing the need to have customized solutions for each customer. With Staex it just works, always.
Staex provides highly secure and fault tolerant connectivity over insecure to reduce outages.
Staex takes care of all the underlying network complexity, independently of the network topology. It is plug-n-play for any use case and scale.
Staex allows devices to talk to each other directly without using relays or other centralized compo­nents, thus enabling high-performance connectivity for latency sensitive applications such as video streaming, remote control, etc.
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