Staex Use Case
Smart City Solutions
In a heterogenous IT landscape with public and private sectors, multiple vendors, and municipalities with a variety of IoT machines and sensors it's almost impossible to harmonize the landscape with existing cloud solutions.

Devices and software used in smart cities are provided by many different partners. Linking these IT components has proven to be a major challenge for conventional IT management solutions.

Issues with provisioning:
Due to unreliable provisioning of certificates, manual fixes are needed.

Issues with security:
Devices in public networks cause non-secure and error-prone connectivity.

Issues with scalability:
Multiple vendors and the dependency on centralized cloud machines result in a lack of control for business while scaling.
Our Solution
Integrate many different systems to build a true smart city ecosystem.
Solve the above challenges with Staex. Our infrastructure solution is flexible for extensible smart city infrastructure. We provide an instantly scalable, building-block-esque infrastructure layer that does not need to be reconfigured with the addition of removal of new hardware, clouds, or legacy services. Staex removes vendor lock-in that is found in cloud-based solutions, and IT providers can build efficient and secure peer-to-peer systems for their smart cities.
Provision certificates on-the-fly with Staex's peer-2peer technology. No more manual configurations needed: "any device, anytime, anywhere".
Staex is highly secure and fault tolerant over insecure and large networks.
Staex has granular controls for who and what can access data and services in the smart city. Keep your data on your devices while still allowing access for others.
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