Networking and Orchestration Platform for Linux Machines
Why Staex?
Discover the future of IoT software with Staex - the revolutionary networking and software orchestration platform that is changing the game!

Say goodbye to unreliable communication networks, insecure connections, and isolated local services. With Staex, you'll enjoy a reliable, encrypted, and easy-to-manage system that offers full peer-to-peer communication with no single-point-of-failure.

Whether you're working on the edge, in the cloud, or on-premises, Staex is designed to be both lightweight and powerful, delivering the performance you need to meet your IoT software needs. With no limitations on protocols, languages, or frameworks, developers find it easy to work with Staex and take advantage of its innovative networking and orchestration capabilities.

Staex has a strong history, originating in Deutsche Telekom in 2017 and now operating fully independently with strong VC backing. Don't miss this chance to join the future of IoT software with Staex - invest today and see your business thrive!
Our product, Staex, has two components: MCC (Mesh Companion Container) and StaexD (Staex Daemon).

Both are designed to be fully peer-to-peer and run on resource constrained devices, like industrial IoT and robots.
StaexMCC (Networking)
StaexD (Orchestration)
Reliable Connectivity
Distributed service discovery
Secure certificate-based encryption
Transparent tunneling
Peer-to-peer connectivity
Fully distributed and decentralized
Designed for automation
Designed for single-board computers
Staex Benefits
Staex was built from the ground up to solve the biggest problems in large scale IoT and industrial robotics systems.
  • 50% Lower latency than other connectivity solutions
    The Staex network reduces overhead for device communications. This means that more devices can push more data faster, even through lossy wireless networks.
  • 70% Cost savings
    Saving time and money with simple integration between any device our cloud infrastructure, no matter the size or the vendor.
  • 0% Outages
    Fully distributed and fully decentralized: this means there can be no complete outage unless the whole network goes down.
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