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Why Staex?
Discover the future of IoT software with Staex - the revolutionary networking and software orchestration platform that is changing the game!

Say goodbye to unreliable communication networks, insecure connections, and isolated local services. With Staex, you'll enjoy a reliable, encrypted, and easy-to-manage system that offers full peer-to-peer communication with no single-point-of-failure.

Whether you're working on the edge, in the cloud, or on-premises, Staex is designed to be both lightweight and powerful, delivering the performance you need to meet your IoT software needs. With no limitations on protocols, languages, or frameworks, developers find it easy to work with Staex and take advantage of its innovative networking and orchestration capabilities.

Staex has a strong history, originating in Deutsche Telekom in 2017 and now operating fully independently with strong VC backing. Don't miss this chance to join the future of IoT software with Staex - invest today and see your business thrive!
What's on?
Staex is heading to California's 'Meet the Drapers' show, and we invite you to sponsor our remarkable journey!
Latest project:
Bridging IoT Web2 to Web3 Infrastructure for Secure Lisk Blockchain Payments
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Cloud In a Box
Seamless connectivity through SIM cards, enabling machines to establish their own networks.
What others say about Staex
  • Dr. Henning Heppner
    We are thrilled to work with Staex to bring our hyperchargers and H2 fueling stations to even more clients ranging from fueling stations to retailers. Staex's expertise in secure and stable connectivity will ensure that our customers can rely on our service, even in areas with unreliable networks.
  • Sławomir Cielepak
    Lead C++ Software Engineer at Spyrosoft Synergy
    We have established a partnership with Staex, whose product stands out and brings a new quality to the field of communication for robotics (and beyond). The simplicity of its use, security and decentralisation make Staex a distinctive technology that brings innovation to the market.

    Staex can bring benefit to many related industries, like transport, or public services. Nowadays, the boundary between a regular device and a robot is gradually blurring. Many cars or everyday devices are slowly becoming full-fledged robots, for which Staex may prove to be a valuable technology addressing communication challenges.
  • Damir Bojadžić
    Software Engineer at Filics
    Working with the Staex team has been a fun experience. All team members that we came into contact with have been extremely enthusiastic about helping us integrate Staex into our existing infrastructure! We are extremely grateful to you for the time and effort you put into helping us!
  • Pavel Bukhteev
    From the very beginning of our Greenbox project one of the most important questions was the connection of devices within the network. In order to follow current trends in the IoT sphere, this connection must be secure, light-weighted, easily extendable, and flexible. More than that, modern DevOps and IT automation tools and technologies must be supported. Considering current velocity of IT development, especially in the light of AI, automotive driving, and Web 3.0, no mistake should be made. Only capable and reliable companies must be taken into consideration.

    Greenbox performed a long-processing research of the market trying to find the best candidate for the possible partnership. From the very beginning Staex showed not only full capabilities and capacities of mentioned parameters, but a huge interest and motivation of working together. It is a perfect combination of professionalism and human qualities. We are more than happy to have Staex as the main IT partner.
Staex Benefits
Staex was built from the ground up to solve the biggest problems in large scale IoT and industrial robotics systems.
50% Lower latency than other connectivity solutions
The Staex network reduces overhead for device communications. This means that more devices can push more data faster, even through lossy wireless networks.
70% Cost savings
Saving time and money with simple integration between any device our cloud infrastructure, no matter the size or the vendor.
0% Outages
Fully distributed and fully decentralized: this means there can be no complete outage unless the whole network goes down.
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